Ok guys. I’m taking the plunge. I’m stepping SO FAR outside my comfort zone and doing something new. I have loved my job for the last 3 years and it will always be a part of what I do. BUT I came across something I just couldn’t pass up.

My ALL TIME favorite job was working at a bridal shop helping people feel perfect for their big day. There was always this secret dream of owning my own shop one day but I never let that dream be public. LulaRoe is something that will allow me to help women find clothes that make them feel awesome while owning my own little boutique in my home.

After a really rough time these last 6 months or so Jason and I kept talking about what I actually want to spend my time doing. While I loved the ways I could help people at my other job I knew it was taking a toll on me emotionally. Yes, I know that no job is sunshine and roses everyday but the odds for happiness, excitement, and fun are much more in favor with LulaRoe. (Helping people navigate bankruptcy and foreclosure won’t be quite as common, in theory) This job will also give me much more flexibility during the day time hours to properly home school my children and be with them.

So what does this mean for you? Why do you care? Why did I add you to this group? Because I want you to know what I am up to. You can leave again if you have no interest.

I will not have my initial inventory until end of July maybe early August. I have to get everything set up on my end and get shipped all the items.

In the meantime this page will put out information about LulaRoe, the styles we carry, where it’s made, styling tips and FREE GIVEAWAYS!!!

Please DON’T add your friends to my group in an effort to “help” me. I can’t stand when people just add me to a group without asking me. Only add friends who you KNOW would like these clothes and who you have asked PERMISSION to add in here.

(Yes I realize the irony since I just added you to the group but I give you permission to leave.)

**If you have made it this far, like(heart, smile laugh, whatever) this post and I will enter you into our first drawing of FREE LEGGINGS in your size. Our buttery soft, never want to take them off, leggings. I legit get sad when mine are in the wash and I can’t wear them.